The accounting program for the management of the perfumery shops

The accounting program Sales Pro, which is used to manage and organize the accounts of perfumery shops, which is characterized by many models that helped to manage the business in a professional manner.

البرنامج المحاسبي لإدارة محلات العطارة

Accounting Program 

Perfumery stores have so many products that they need to be organized and organized.

And who will help in managing it successfully, the accounting program Sales Pro

This program helps perfume shops to register and identify all items through barcodes.

Use of various units of measurement in defining items.

Adding several stores and making one of them the chief and the possibility of transferring between stores.

Ease of inventory process in less time and effort.

The program makes it easy for the cashier to sell easily because it supports the quick POS touch screen and sell in all currencies, thus we maintain the absence of crowding and gain and satisfy customers

Easily issue sales and purchase invoices.

And through the program, special price lists can be made during show times.

In the event that there is more than one supermarket branch, they can be followed up easily by linking the program to these branches on a single database.

The program contains many reports that contribute to:

1- Knowing the best-selling and least-selling items and the stagnant items.

2- Alert the items that are about to expire.

3- Follow up on sales and returns of sales and purchases and returns of purchases daily, monthly and annually.

4- Knowing the profits and losses.

5- Knowing detailed information about clients and their accounts.

The program is characterized by the presence of a special model for managing personnel affairs, including registration of their data, attendance, absence, vacations, extra hour attendance and salary calculation.

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