Plastic Factory Accounts Program

The accounting program Sales Pro, which is used to manage and organize the Plastic Factory Accounts Program, which is characterized by many models that helped to manage the business in a professional manner.

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Accounting Program 

Plastic factories are the most needed thing that they need to organize the manufacturing process

This is found in the accounting program Sales Pro

Through this program:

All purchases of raw materials will be recorded in their quantities.

Adding several stores, dividing them into raw materials stores and post-manufacturing stores, and assigning starting balances for each store.

And through the manufacturing card in the program, the manufacturing process will be recorded in its stages.

Registration of companies and suppliers that are dealt with.

Record all customer data that are dealt with.

Through the treasury, all balances can be viewed, incoming and outgoing registration, and also you can transfer balances from the treasury to the bank account. You can add more than one treasury, specify users for each treasury, and transfer balances from one treasury to another.

Issuing sales invoices with ease.

Through the program's reports, it is possible to know the best-selling items, the lowest-selling items, and the stagnant items.

The sales movement and sales returns can be monitored on a daily, monthly and annual basis, and profits and losses are known.

The program supports linking between branches. In the event that there is more than one branch, they can be followed up easily by linking the program to these branches on a single database.

In addition, the program is characterized by the presence of a special model for the management of personnel affairs, including registration of their data, attendance, absence, vacations, overtime attendance and salary calculation.

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