Marble and ceramic fairs accounts program

The accounting program Sales Pro, which is used to manage and organize the accounts of marble and ceramic exhibitions, which is characterized by many models that helped to manage the business in a professional manner.

البرنامج المحاسبي لإدارة محلات ومعارض الأحذية

Accounting Program 

Ceramic exhibitions will need a successful management to organize their work and who will help them in this accounting program Sales Pro

Through the program:

You will be able to register an infinite number of ceramic items in terms of (color - sorting - size - type) through the barcode.

Register the ceramic stores and make one of them the chief. It is possible to register the stores based on the types of ceramics (kitchens - bathrooms - walls - floors…..

The program facilitates the process of inventorying stores by barcode with less efforts and time.

The program enables the follow-up of the movement of sales and purchases, returns of sales and purchases, and the issuance of invoices for each of them.

Through the program's reports, it is possible to know the sales movement of each item, the most demanded and least demanded items, and the stagnant items, and thus profits and losses.

The program gives an alert about the items that are about to expire.

The program provides an accurate system for dealing with the installment system, as it organizes the scheduling of the installments process in terms of determining the value of the installment, the payment dates and the value of the payment.

Users' permissions can be controlled by defining their powers according to their job.

In the periods of offers and discounts, price lists can be created and customers can be sent messages with offers.

The program supports linking between branches, whereby all exhibition branches are monitored on a single database and from anywhere.

The program has a special system for personnel affairs in terms of recording their data, attendance, departure, absence, overtime hours and salary calculation.

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