Fabric Store Accounts Program

The accounting program Sales Pro, which is used to manage and organize the accounts of fabric stores, which is characterized by many models that helped to manage the business in a professional manner.

برنامج حسابات محلات ومعارض المفروشات

Furniture stores and exhibitions need successful management to arrange and organize their different types

She is assisted in this management by the accounting program Sales Pro .

Through this program, all types of furniture are registered with their specifications and prices by barcode.

Registering furniture stores and choosing one of them as a chief with the possibility of transferring between stores.

Ease of inventory process by barcode, saving time and effort.

Issuance of sales invoices and sales returns.

Recording purchase invoices and purchase returns.

Registration of companies and suppliers that are dealt with.

Register customers with all their data.

It is possible to create price lists at times of offers and discounts, and send messages to customers about the availability of offers and discounts.

The program helps to determine the powers of the program users according to the job of each person.

In the case of multiple branches of furniture exhibitions and stores, the work of all branches can be easily followed up by linking the program to all branches on a single database.

Program reports help to know the best-selling, least-selling, and stagnant items.

In the program, there is a special system for personnel affairs in terms of recording their data, attendance, departure, absence, overtime hours and salary calculation.

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