Accounting software for managing shoe stores

The accounting program Sales Pro, which is used to manage and organize the accounts of shoe stores and showrooms, which is characterized by many models that helped to manage the business in a professional manner.

البرنامج المحاسبي لإدارة محلات ومعارض الأحذية

Shoe stores will need to organize the different sizes, colors and types they have

This is present in the accounting program Sales Pro, which will help it to successfully manage sales, purchases, customers, suppliers, stores and treasury.

1- Items management:

Through the program, all kinds of shoes of different colors and sizes can be registered and their prices can be added through the barcode.

2- Warehouse management:

Registering shoe stores and making one of them the chief and the possibility of transferring between stores

The program contributes to the ease of the inventory process by barcode, which facilitates time and effort.

3- Sales Department:

Recording customer sales, issuing sales invoices, recording sales returns and invoices for sales returns.

4- Purchasing Department:

Record all purchases of items, companies and representatives that are dealt with, and record purchase invoices and purchase returns.

5- Treasury Department:

Follow-up of the treasury's movement in terms of incoming and outgoing, and expenses in general.

6- Reports:

In the program there are many reports that help to follow up the movements of customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, stores and treasury at any time.

7- Personnel Affairs Department:

In the program, there is a special section for personnel affairs, where their data, attendance, absence, vacations, overtime attendance and salary calculation are recorded.

8- Connecting the branches:

In the event that there is more than one branch of a shoe store, they can be followed up easily by linking the program to these branches on a single database.

9- Additional tools:

During the offers periods, the program allows the ability to make price lists with offers and send messages to customers about the shop making offers and discounts.

Through the program, the users' permissions can be controlled according to their jobs

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