About us

A leading company in the software industry


ITS has been operating in the Egyptian market since 2007 and started its activities in internet services, programming and web design, and since 2009 the company has started providing programming and designing administrative and accounting programs for companies, institutions and all governmental and private sectors, and providing complementary devices to management systems such as barcode devices, points of sale, attendance and departure systems, and systems. protection. Our work also includes programming, designing and hosting websites with the latest technologies. Thanks to God, the company has gained great confidence from our customers inside and outside Egypt at the level of Arab countries, and we strive to provide better services that meet all customer needs.

Our Mission


We seek to provide a truly distinguished service to customers in the Arab world and help improve the software infrastructure to compete globally in terms of the techniques used in building programs and content provided to users and provide our customers with globally efficient software technology that works to complete operations and procedures in the form Optimal.