Conditions Of Use

This Terms of Service (TOS) agreement is an agreement between (" ", "us", "we", "our") and you ("Customer", "Client", "Member", "you", "your”, "they"). Use of any services constitutes acceptance and agreement to this Terms of Service (TOS) agreement as well as the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Privacy Policy. reserves the right to terminate this TOS for any reason or no reason. treserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

The features and details of the Services governed by this TOS are described on our website at " ". Throughout this TOS, the aspects of the Services provided to you by , are referred to together as the "Service." Certain parts of the Service may be provided by third party vendors. These third parties may have reserved the right to make changes, including material changes, to their products and incorporated into our Service. If a third party makes a change to its products, you may not terminate this TOS based on such a change, even if it materially affects the Service.

Contact Information
As part of providing you with the Service, you are required to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information when setting up your account, and during the course of our business relationship. We will communicate with you by e-mail about the Service from time to time. You agree to provide us with an e-mail address that is active and monitored on a daily basis. has no responsibility, or liability, for interruptions in the Services that we provide, or damages of any sort, based on communications that are misdirected as a result of your failure to provide us with valid contact information. The contact in our records is considered by us to be our customer and we will communicate with this contact as the account administrator. However, if there is any dispute, we will consider the person/entity who paid for the latest billing period of the account to be the owner of the account. If you are reselling the Service, or are an End User of a reseller, it is your obligation to ensure that our records accurately reflect the correct ownership and control of the Service.

Service Changes reserves the right to amend its service offerings and add, delete, suspend, or modify the Service and Service fees at any time at its sole discretion, and reserves the right to determine whether and when any such changes apply to both existing and future customers.

Service Fees
The date of the initial online order for Services, will set the Account monthly anniversary date for all future billings. Some adjustments of the anniversary date will be performed should the online order date occur on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month. Services are provided on a prepayment basis and fees for services will be billed on the anniversary date of the billing cycle of the Service. All fees are fully earned when due and non-refundable when paid. Customer agrees that will charge all Service Fees to the credit card supplied by Customer. All payments shall be made in US Currency. The Service Fees do not include any applicable sales, use, revenue, excise or other taxes imposed by any taxing authority with respect to the Services or any software provided hereunder. If applicable, all taxes will be paid by the Customer.